Courage for Kennedy – Journal

February 6, 2006

We Found A Stroller!

Category: Family,General – Melenie – 10:36 am

Our days just got easier…we were able to find a stroller that is lightweight and will hold Kennedy’s weight. The best part? It was only $40 brand new! We looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything. I was totally unwilling to spend much since she is 5 years old. Even in checking on-line I couldn’t find anything at a decent price-especially after shipping costs were added in. I checked our friendly neighborhood Kmart before giving up and found a great stroller at an even better price. My back will be so much better!

Kennedy is doing great today. I’m going to be buzzing around trying to get things done-like cleaning my car and putting clothes away. Austin went to school and seemed to be feeling well today. It helps that things are becoming more normal around here.


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