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October 19, 2005

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I haven’t updated since Kennedy’s birthday last week, so I thought I should get on it! Kennedy did fabulous last week. She processed her Methotrexate quickly and we were able to go home on Friday afternoon. We left her port accessed as she would need blood work on Tuesday and I felt it would be less traumatic to go home with it for a few days than deaccess, reaccess and deaccess again. She had some mucousitis over the weekend but overall did very well. If you haven’t read her “Rodeo” section, please do. Kennedy was the Rodeo Queen of the Boo Boogie Bash Rough Stock Rodeo on Saturday night in Albany and that link tells all about it, including the article from the Albany Democrat-Herald. Also, we had a winner of the BBQ so check that out too! I have been way behind on pictures but will post some soon.

So, the weekend went well. Austin had his appointment on Monday to have his staples removed from his head, thanks to mom, his flu shot and asthma evaluation. He did very well and didn’t even get upset over his shot. He was very impressed by his staples when Dr. Skau removed them and even brought them home taped to a tongue depresser. Because Kennedy was with her Auntie and cousins, Austin and I went out to lunch at Chuck E Cheese’s-ewww! germ utopia!!!-but had a great time and we won 400 tickets! There are only 3 soccer games left-much to his disappointment-and he has decided against wrestling this year. I guess it just wasn’t his thing. We have noticed though that he has been much more aggressive in soccer this year. Ever since he had his cheek split open in baseball, the boy has no fear! We’re also checking into PeeWee Rodeo for the next summer as he is very interested in that sport also. Much thanks to Papa for that. His love of bullriding has been passed on to our little guy. I see a rodeo future in store for our kids, whether we like it or not.

Tuesday, Kennedy had her appointment and it went very well. Her ANC was over 2200 (1500-11,000 is normal) and her platelets were 148 (140 is normal) but she was slightly anemic. Her counts however, are on the rise and we expect her to be fine by the end of the week. She only has her oral chemo at home this week and then she gets her much needed rest week before the next phase begins. We are so glad to be finished with our planned hospital stays. What a relief!

We did get 4 tickets to the Blazers v. Kings game this weekend so that should be fun. Otherwise it’s just a quiet week at home!

Please pray for our friends, Tyas and Becky Wilson, as they travel to Haiti to pick up their newly adopted son, Landy. This has been quite an extraordinary journey for them and there is so much excitement surrounding this trip and homecoming. They will also be spending time with Robenson and Christiane, two more children they plan to adopt, so this looks to be a very rewarding trip. Pray for protection and that things go smoothly as they finish up this adoption and start on the next one. Good luck Wilson family and we can’t wait to meet your new son!


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