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August 22, 2005

Category: Fundraisers,Treatment – Melenie – 2:12 pm

Well, we’re home. We’re not supposed to be, but God is clearly using this as an opportunity to teach me about patience and giving up the control. Kennedy’s numbers actually look fantastic! Her platelets are above normal, all of her red blood numbers are normal, her white count is recovering and made huge strides this week but her ANC is still trying to recover. Last Monday it was only 20 and the preliminary number this morning was 430 (computer estimates while still checking). It needed to be 750 so there was HUGE concern! If she had another week’s delay, she could be pulled from the study and in danger of relapse so I was very upset. Dr. Olson said that her numbers are looking incredibly good, and her monocytes (which show that her WBC is recovering) were really high and that when she calculated her ANC it was over 650. She believes that they are recovering at such a fast rate, that Kennedy should be at 750 anyday and so they left Kennedy’s port access in (good thing she had a long tubby last night!)and we are to report back to day treatment tomorrow morning at 8am. I assume if they are higher but not yet 750, we will be going home and return to day treatment Wednesday at 8am. Nothing like throwing a wrench in my cogs! Apparently, I am not getting the message about giving up control. I lay it before Jesus, then take it back, then lay it down, and take it up again. When am I going to get it??? In most areas of my life I have strived to have control and this is no exception. I had to take a step back and remember that God works in His own time and that 1 day to Him is as 1000 years. God’s timing is perfect and He knows Kennedy and her body better than any of us-He desires wholeness for her and there is absolutely a reason why her body needs more time to heal before fighting the next battle. It was just more stressful because of PMS and Kennedy having a RAGING temper tantrum because she was hungry and tired! You know, God may not give me more than I can handle, but I sure wish He didn’t trust me so much! Somedays I just feel so inadequate to handle all of this. I have to wonder what in the world He was thinking when He allowed us to walk through this fire. I haven’t shown that I am capable as far as I can see. I guess He must see something here that I am missing…sure wish I knew what it was! So, am I going to be at the fundraiser on Saturday? Kennedy will not and I may not (if she is still inpatient) but Keith and my family will be so please, still come and enjoy yourselves and know that we appreciate everyone and their support very much. I will update this site as more information and decisions become available! 🙂

As I mentioned in my last journal entry, T-shirts will soon be available (this FRIDAY!) to support Kennedy. Many thanks to the Schermies (Auntie Sue especially!) and my cousin Chad for all their hard work. Salem Emblem Shop donated much of the expense to put these together and we will be able to offer the shirts for a steal of a price $10!!!! We will have a range of sizes available from a child’s small (6-8) to an adult 3X. If we run out, we can order more! They will have a picture of Kennedy on the front and say, “Courage 4 Kennedy” and “Little Warrior-Fighting Leukemia.” on the back it will have the emblem for SES and will have scripture verse John 16:33. All of the profits will go to the Kennedy B. Duval Contribution Fund at Wells Fargo Bank to help support Kennedy and our family as we cover unpaid medical and care expenses. I will be posting pictures soon. They will sale quickly so feel free to e-mail me directly to pre-order yours!



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