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August 18, 2005

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It has been a pretty quiet week at home but it has allowed for lots of play and downtime with the kids. Kennedy’s foot is much better and is no longer red. Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers. She ran a low grade fever (99 degrees) while it was healing but now she is doing just fine. She feels really good, her bruises are healing with no new ones appearing and she is getting plenty of sleep (after weeks of insomnia). I’m sure her bone marrow is working well and all should be on for Monday’s round of chemotherapy. She is getting better at taking the appetite stimulant although it doesn’t really seem like she’s eating more. It causes her to be somewhat drowsy, this is probably why she is sleeping better!, and she is developing a light rash on her legs that we think is from the medicine. I sure wish she would eat more-she weighed 38lbs on Monday which is about a 1/2lb drop from where she has been the last few weeks. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like much but any drop at this point is a worry to her oncology team. If she drops below 37lbs., they will try the other appetite stimulant and if she continues to drop below 35lbs., they will have no choice but to use an NG tube. We did get some naturopathic advice from another parent (thanks Lauren and April!) that should help with the mouth sores and we will be discussing this with Dr. Olson on Monday. Of course, as with all meds, we will have to get Kennedy to take it in the first place.

Austin started soccer and had a great time! He was relieved that there were kids he knew on his team. Unlike baseball, they don’t do it by school but rather random unless you request a certain coach or to be on a team with certain kids. Because we signed up so late in the summer, I was very worried that we wouldn’t get the team we wanted. No worry, God took care of that one, Austin is on the same soccer team as his best bud, Skyler. He had vowed not to play if he couldn’t be on Skyler’s team. If you remember, when Austin shaved his head (all the way to the skin) in May to support his sister, some kids were actually teasing him. I went to the school and discussed it with his teachers and also shared some information on childhood leukemia so they could have the discussion in class. Skyler, to show his support for Austin, shaved his head. Austin told me that Skyler was his real friend. After the discussion, all of the teasing stopped and the kids actually supported Austin and when Skyler shaved his head too, other kids wanted to shave their heads. Anyway, Austin and Skyler have both been very busy this summer so I’m sure they are looking forward to hanging out again very soon.

I spoke with James yesterday about next weekend’s fundraiser and it sounds awesome! There will be a live band playing all kinds of rock n roll from the old stuff to some new stuff. They will also be having a 50/50 raffle to raise money for Kennedy. They are a clean and sober motorcycle club and support a family atmosphere so feel free to bring the kiddos. I can understand those kids who will be home if parents plan to dance the night away! Dinner will be at 6pm, then a speaker’s meeting at 6:30pm (they support AA and NA groups), a motorcycle show at 8pm and the dance from 9pm until 1am! The cost for all of this fun? An amazing $5!!! Yes, it’s true! We look forward to seeing everyone there.

As I briefly mentioned in my last journal entry, T-shirts will soon be available to support Kennedy. Many thanks to the Schermies (Auntie Sue especially!) and my cousin Chad for all their hard work. Salem Emblem Shop donated much of the expense to put these together and we will be able to offer the shirts for a steal of a price $10!!!! We will have a range of sizes available from a child’s small (6-8) to an adult 3X. If we run out, we can order more! They will have a picture of Kennedy on the front and say, “Courage 4 Kennedy Brooke” and “Little Warrior-Fighting Leukemia.” on the back it will have the emblem for SES and will have scripture verse John 16:33. All of the profits will go to the Kennedy B. Duval Contribution Fund at Wells Fargo Bank to help support Kennedy and our family as we cover unpaid medical and care expenses. I will be posting pictures soon. They will sale quickly so feel free to e-mail me directly to pre-order yours!



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