Courage for Kennedy – Journal

July 26, 2005

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 8:55 pm

Kennedy’s access went much better yesterday. When we arrived, Shirley came in to the room and Kennedy immediately asked for Sam. She had not forgotten that Sam promised to access her port. Sam had phone duty this week but took time to help Kennedy out anyway. It went so well-I couldn’t believe it. Kennedy flinched but didn’t cry at all!!!! She said it felt like someone just “pressing” on her. What a difference it makes when they check the position of her port first! Her counts were okay: ANC was 710 (low but not yet “neutropenic”-normal is over 1500), her platelets were still in the normal range and while her RBC was low (and one aspect critically low) they did not feel she needed a transufusion yet but they do expect she will by Thursday. She looks very pale to me (even her lips are almost the same color as her skin) they have their guidelines to follow-I just know that I must trust them to make good choices. She had chemo today and it went off without a hitch-so goes the plan for tomorrow too!

After chemo tomorrow, the kids and I are meeting Auntie Caryn and the kids at the park for a picnic. That ought to be fun. I’ll just bring lots of Purell-seems like we carry a lot of it with us now anyway!

Pretty quick tonight-got to get those kiddos to bed! Kennedy missed her nap today and has been exceptionally whiney!

See you at the carwash/plant sale! It is going to be a blast and the weather couldn’t be more perfect!


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