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July 23, 2005

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I am happy to report that Kennedy’s week went much better. After Sam (the nurse) accessed her on Tuesday she was much more relaxed. She told us that Sam is the best because she couldn’t even feel it. Sam assured us that she would be there Monday to do Kennedy’s access. What a relief! Without her line in, Kennedy was able to swim in the pool with her Bubba and take a nice, long “soaky” tubby. I bought her Aveeno oatmeal bath because her skin is dry and irritated. This was soothing (no scrubbing or soaps necessary) and she enjoyed “hiding” her toys in the creamy water. She felt refreshed when she got out and didn’t even protest getting her whisps (hair) brushed.

Because her counts are good (ANC 1220) we went to Auntie’s and played today. She had the best time playing with her bestest bud, Emmy. Austin and I enjoyed teaching Amber new signs. She has “auntie,” “more,” and “all done” down pat so we added “water” and “milk” to her repitore. She’s not quite sure what we are doing but she’s one smart cookie and I expect that she’ll have it down in no time. Emmy stayed the night tonight and the girls had a blast tearing up the playroom. I told Keith that this has to be the first project in the morning! They had the Barbies, kitchen toys, babies, dressup and legos EVERYWHERE! It’s just so good to see them having so much fun and to see Kennedy playing as if nothing is wrong that I wouldn’t mind cleaning up hundreds of toys! They miss each other so much and treasure the times they can be together. We took Emmy to feed the goats carrots and even went up to the pond to check out the three ducks living there. Peter was cutting the grass/hay in the field so we sat and watched him work for a while as the sun went down. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Tomorrow, Caryn and Amber are joining Mom and I as we head out for the farmer’s markets in Canby and Oregon City.

Keith is doing very well at his new job and really enjoying it. While I think he misses the freedom of working for himself, and the fun of driving a dumptruck, he likes learning new things and knows without a doubt that this is the best thing for us as a family.

We are all settling back in to the routine of having Papa at home. The kids missed him terribly and are so glad he is living here with us and Grammie again. I know that working in the garden is relaxing for him and I think being able to come home to the country everynight is comforting for all of us. Their help with the kids and house is priceless; not to mention the tremendous benefits the kids get from sharing a house with another generation. We have some plans in the works that may expand this and I am excited about it.

Please continue to pray for Kennedy. Next week brings four more days of chemo. Thank you to everyone that has helped contribute with time, energy and or money to Kennedy’s fundraisers. They have been wonderful and offer a lot of support to our family. OHP has been difficult when it comes to comfort medicines such as medicine for pain, the EMLA cream to numb her port before accessing and now her nausea medicine. They will only pay for 9 pills for 18 days, meaning if she has to use those 9 pills over the course of a few days (they are to be given every 4-6 hours on chemo days) she can’t have anymore until 18 days from when her prescription was filled. Today I paid for an additional 11 pills to the tune of $244!!!!! With 4 days of chemo next week and another week of oral chemo meds that cause her to feel sick, I knew 9 pills would never last. Without Kennedy’s fund, other bills would have to go unpaid because I could not have Kennedy go without-especially when she is already having a problem with maintaining her weight! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My positive thought for the day??? Today Kennedy had a fun day playing and felt incredible and we saw the most spectacular sunset over the pasture as we stood next to the pond in the quiet country. Doesn’t get much better, huh?

We hope to see you all at the carwash/plant sale next Saturday. FIVE NURSERIES have made donations of plants, flowers and trees so it will be awesome! All of the proceeds go to Kennedy’s fund to help cover her unpaid medical expenses.

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support,

Please pray for my friend Becky as she travels the first week of August to pick up her newly adopted son, Landy, from Haiti! Congratulations, Becky and family and we wish you all the best as you begin your new journey! We love you guys!

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