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July 17, 2005

Category: Fundraisers – Melenie – 7:48 pm

Kennedy had a wonderful time at the Spaghetti Feed and Raffle last night! She was the social butterfly we all know and love. So many people we love showed up to support our baby (Nacho, Prof. Collins and her parents, Scott and Teresa, Uncle Bob, Auntie Sue and girls, Josh and his family, Ashley and Troy, Auntie Caryn and Uncle Jeff, the Bentley family, the Wilson family, the Goods, the Manley and Morgan families, Grandpa Sam and Grandma Bev, the Reeves, April and her mom, Jason, Liz and baby Jak, and so, so many more!); even people who attended church or worked with others who know and love us and of course, members of the Moose Lodge. Everyone had a wonderful time, ate great spaghetti and most took home fun prizes. Uncle Jeff was the winner of the 50/50 raffle and took home a whopping $256.00!!! The lodge said that was the biggest 50/50 pot they have ever had ($512). The night was a huge success and an amazing $1969.00 was raised to help our family. Thank you to everyone for taking the time out of your busy weekend to share with us and support us during this difficult time. Somehow, thank you just isn’t enough. Of course, a HUGE thank you to the Moose Lodge for all the work they did in putting this together and Safeway for donating ALL of the food! The only member who knew us was Dolly Morgan, mom to my dear friend Tammy, and yet everyone was more than happy to help us by donating their time and energy to this marvelous dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kennedy still feels great! She is eating and playing and acting just like the little girl we know and love so much. It just breaks my heart that tomorrow she will have to begin her chemo regimine again. Yes, it’s true, tomorrow she will start another 4 days of chemo with Monday being the longest day (8am-6pm). Austin will be spending the day with Holly, Heather, Sammi, Chelsea and Joseph. He is totally ecstatic and can’t wait! Kennedy is bummed but she hopes she will have the chance to play with Amy. Please pray for us as one of the drugs, cyclophosphamide, is really nasty. A good place to find out about the drugs Kennedy is receiving (and other common leukemia and treatment terms) is at and then click on FAQ. We do not expect this week to go well.

Through a series of events, Keith will be starting his new job a week early. He is less than thrilled to give up driving a dump truck but is also looking forward to working with a variety of construction equipment and learning new things. Pray for him during this transition.

That’s about it for now! Again, thank you everyone for your support-it means worlds to us.

We love you all,

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