Courage for Kennedy – Journal

July 15, 2005

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 12:29 am

Kennedy is running and eating everything in sight. You would think that she had been living on a deserted island somewhere for the past 8 1/2 weeks! It is good to see her appetite coming back but I am worried about her not having any chemotherapy this week. She is thrilled that she gets another week without any “drinking medicine” and is happy to be a little girl enjoying summer. We have just been laying low this week but decided to go and have Austin and Kennedy’s pictures taken with their cousins while Jay is in town. The last time we had their pictures taken, Kennedy was a year and a half old and Caryn didn’t have Amber yet. I do believe it is time to update them. I was worried that Kennedy wouldn’t want to because she has become very aware of her thin hair but Amber bonked her eye today and Austin hit his head so they will be a real wild bunch. Kennedy is really noticing that her hair is thin and the other night when we went to my sister’s for dinner, she wanted to wear a hooded towel over her hair. I let her bring it, which horrified Austin, but she only wore it for a few minutes then ran to play with her best pal and cousin, Emily. It breaks my heart that she worries about it at all.

We are all looking forward to the spaghetti feed and raffle on Saturday. Kennedy will be attending although we are asking people to wash their hands and not expect to hold her. She is very excited and so happy that they will be serving her favorite food. Every morning she asks me how many more days until spaghetti!

Not a whole lot going on. We’re pretty much enjoying Kennedy’s good days and not worrying about the chemo days to come.

Oh, I do have to share one thing. Last night I was trying to give Kennedy some advice about what she was doing, and she looked at me and said, “I know you are trying to help, but it really isn’t working for me!” To add insult to injury-when I was telling my mom tonight over dinner, Austin piped in that it sounded just like me!!!! Imagine that! Keith does tell me all the time that her attitude, words and gesture are identical to mine but I always try and deny it. Like mother, like daughter.

Continued prayer for:

-Healing for Kennedy and continued remission
-Mild to no side effects from Chemo
-Rise in ANC for Kennedy
-Austin’s attitude (he’s really having a hard time right now)
-Keith’s new job
-Melenie’s attitude, peace, strength and patience
-Rest for Grammie and Papa (who do so much to help with the kids)
-Good day at the Spaghetti Feed

-Warren Mattox (Burkitt’s Lymphoma)
-Joshua (Ewing’s Sarcoma)
-Oliver (AML)
-Kaitlin (ALL)
-Maggie (MLL)-recent bone marrow transplant


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