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July 10, 2005

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 2:43 am

We just love the nurses at Emanuel so much we can’t possibly stay away! 🙂 Ok, we do love them but we wish we could visit with them outside the hospital. Kennedy couldn’t make it until Tuesday and now we’re not sure if her counts will be good enough for her Ara-C. She had been running a low grade fever (99-100) the days following her chemo but we expected her ANC to continue to rise. By Friday evening her fever was over the magic 101 (101.3) and Dr. Olson had us return to the ER (we were just there on the 4th) for a CBC (complete blood count), blood culture and a dose of antibiotics. If her ANC was over 750, we would be able to go home. It was only at 200 and her WBC was at 0.8 so we were admitted. Not only admitted, but sent to a “clean” room with the HEPA filter, door monitors, etc. Her temperature has been between normal and 100, and she has been playing but it is still a mandatory 48 hour stay. When Dr. Olson came in today, she said as long as there were no spikes or bacteria growth in her cultures, we could go home sometime tomorrow. We’re praying that things go well. On a good note she has had both of her favorite nurses, Megan and Melissa. Today she played playdough and painted nails with Melissa. When Megan came on she brought Kennedy’s picture of Gretchen Wilson and they sang both Redneck Woman and Homewrecker. Megan brought her camera to take a picture but Kennedy would barely sing, let alone stand and perform; maybe next time. Daddy and Austin were here all day and the kids had a lot of fun playing. We decided to order pizza and while Kennedy didn’t want any, the rest of us scarfed it up. Austin especially loved the breadsticks. Tonight Auntie Caryn came to stay the night with us. We had a great time watching a movie, eating pizza and making “tooting” sounds with our mouth, tummy, legs and straws (long story!!!). The kids, Caryn and I loved the potty humor but I think Keith was embarressed by our rowdiness. This was the first time I had showed anyone the straw trick besides the kids and he did not know what to think. It was a hit with Caryn, and Megan and Caryn think I should go on David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks. After all of that, Kennedy crashed!

Ok, gotta run. I am totally exhausted tonight.

Sweet dreams,

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