Courage for Kennedy – Journal

June 22, 2005

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 4:15 pm

We were able to come home last night 🙂 As mysteriously as the fever appeared, it disappeared. Dr. Olson wanted us to wait for a few hours after Kennedy had her Ara-C (chemo med) to see if she would develop a fever before sending us home. Kennedy felt so good she wanted me to call someone from Child Life to come and play games with her. What a change from the previous few days. It amazes me how she can become sick or well literally overnight.

Today, she went to the clinic and had another dose of Ara-C and blood drawn. Most of her counts look good but her WBC is low making her neutropenic (weak immune system). This means that we are avoiding large crowds and Kennedy is wearing a mask when we do go out (like to the hospital clinic). Candlelighters was having a lunch for cancer kids and their families so that was a nice treat and really helped with expenses. Also, Austin got to go with us. Everyone has been looking forward to finally meeting him. Kennedy was very proud of her big brother and she actually wanted to play in the playroom with him today. She will be going back tomorrow and Friday for more Ara-C. They moved us to starting on Tuesday so that we wouldn’t have to come in on Saturdays, therefore allowing us to have more family time on the days Keith has off.

Also, Make-A-Wish contacted us to set up a time to meet with Kennedy about her wish. I decided to talk with her about it ahead of time so she wouldn’t wish for something like lunch at Chuck E Cheese’s. She has decided that she would like to go to Disneyland and meet the Disney Princesses. This came as no real shock to anyone. We are hoping to go the week of her birthday (October) when it is not peak season and I am going to see if they can arrange a birthday lunch for her with the princesses. She is so excited. I will keep everyone updated.

I have more pictures from this hospital stay but I still need to download them to our computer.

Here’s to healthy days!


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