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June 14, 2005

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Kennedy was able to go to the Grand Floral Parade on Saturday. She had a wonderful time with Grammie, Mom, Austin, Papa, Uncle Bob, Auntie Sue, Ashley and Troy. She was so excited to see Holly, Heather and Sammi marching with the Centennial High School band (Go Eagles!)and was thrilled that they waived to her. It rained on us but the kids got umbrella hats so they didn’t mind. It did help that it wasn’t cold outside. Her spirits were lifted by all the activity and being out in the fresh air certainly helped. She was wiped out though and slept on the way home and most of the afternoon.

On Sunday, Uncle Mark, Aunt Judy, Chelsea and Joseph came to visit and brought a wonderful book that Joseph’s class created for Kennedy. She loved it and has enjoyed looking at the pictures.

I spoke with the clinic this morning and Kennedy had less than 1RD so she is officially in remission and is moving on to the consolidation phase in her treatment. This means daily medication for the first two weeks of each “month” and more frequent visits to the clinic for treatment. For the next two weeks she has chemo on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat then I believe she has two weeks of just Wed then back to the four day a week schedule for another two weeks. This is to kill any remaining leukemia cells before we move to interim maintenance which keeps leukemia from coming back. IM is the 2 month phase in which Kennedy gets the most intensive treatment that requires hospitalization-but we don’t yet need to worry about that! 🙂 Her port is healing but she is not looking forward to having it accessed tomorrow because it is bruised and very tender. For the next 4 weeks she also is requiring lumbar punctures and Methotrexate into her spinal fluid. This last time went very well and they believe she will continue to do well. It is unclear when or if she will need another bone marrow aspiration.

Austin’s last day of school is Thursday and he can’t wait. He is looking forward to spending time with his friends this summer and playing. He also wants to spend mornings sleeping in instead of rising early for school.

Well, I have to run-Kennedy is ready for lunch. One thing that has been weird is her eating habits. She now hates foods she loved and loves foods she hated. She eats eggs like crazy and grilled cheese sandwiches and hates pb and j and chips with ranch (two of her favorite foods).

Thank you to Christy, Amy and Aunt Judy for food-this is such a big help.


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