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March 2, 2008

Thank you…

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I so appreciate all the moms who emailed me privately and/or posted in the guestbook to let me know that not only are my feelings totally normal but that they understand. Nearly everyone was the mother of childhood cancer survivor or patient. They really know this area best. They were also the ones I was most afraid of offending by my post. Thank you…thank you for not being judgmental. Thank you for “getting it.” Thank you for lending an ear and a shoulder. I really appreciate all of you…these are the moms whose children were fighting the same time as Kennedy. They are the same moms who are also dealing with the long term effects of treatment and forging ahead. Some are even moms still (or once again) in the trenches. I salute all of you.

This is still quite a journey. Not just the bump in the road we had hoped it would be but it is truly a marathon.

Some days I just feel on top of the world…so happy that she is here and rejoicing in her laughter. I love seeing soft, wavy hair adorning her head. To see her running and playing, no longer tied by an IV or feeding tube. Those are happy days.

Other days, I just wallow in the depths of pity. So sad for the childhood lost, the skills unachieved, the years of struggle ahead for her.

It really is a roller coaster. Each day that passes though, brings more and more happy days. We look forward to a future for Kennedy and hold tight to Jeremiah 29:11. We claim that for her, for us and for all the children who have fought, are fighting or are yet to fight.

Overall, it is a good, good life.

His grace is sufficient…

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