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May 28, 2005

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Kennedy has done very well since her chemo on Wednesday. With the exception of some muscle ache in her back, she has been pain free and without steroids is returning to her normal self. Yesterday, we had to take Austin to see Dr. Skau and Kennedy was thrilled to be out in the “real world” again. She enjoyed seeing everyone, even though she wouldn’t talk to them at the time, and bragged about the attention the rest of the day. Dr. Skau showed us a hallway to help avoid the most contact with people so that when we come in next time we can keep her as safe as possible. After that, she got to go and see her papa’s and her cousin Jay’s new bald heads. She liked them very much and is looking forward to Daddy and Austin shaving their hair off this weekend. Kennedy’s hair is falling out now and becoming thinner every day. I just run my fingers through it and pull out 10-12 strands at a time. We ordered her hip-hat yesterday and she is looking forward to wearing her “new” hair. When we first looked at the catalog, she wanted 18″ of jet black hair. 🙂 I talked her into 12″ of golden blond; she’s very excited to have long hair without the maintenance.

Kennedy walked up the stairs yesterday. We were very surprised as she has barely had the energy to walk from the couch to the bathroom. And then we bought a new pool and she was able to play in it. We wrapped her arm to protect her “straw” and she had a blast! 🙂 It was so good to see her doing normal kid things again. I attribute her well-being to no steroids, no spinal tap on Wednesday and no chemo directly into her spinal fluid. This week she only has chemo so I am hoping for a good week again. I have some new pictures and will post them soon.

Love and good wishes,

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