Courage for Kennedy – Journal

January 17, 2008

Things are going great!

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Sorry for the lack of update after surgery. Kennedy was such a trooper and we are so proud of her! There was a bit of confusion about where we were supposed to be (apparently they had scheduled her for DTX at 8am but no one called us and we went to short stay at 9am like we were told.) It worked out but it would have been easier to be there at 8am and get her Pentamadine done before surgery. Everything came together though and it was fine!

The surgical nurses went on and on about how mature she was…more like a teenager really. She wasn’t worried or anxious and acted like the whole thing was no big deal. We’ve been discussing the port coming out for some time so she was now comfortable with the idea and being sedated is old hat for her so she didn’t much worry about that either.

However, Kennedy has developed a horrible sensitivity to any kind of tape (doesn’t even have to be latex) and where the monitors were attached the skin was really eaten up…and they were only on for 20 minutes. They could not believe it. So, rather than add any more insult to injury, they taped her incision closed. They already had to tape an IV to her hand so they figured the less they had to do the better. Her skin recovered and looks much better.

The first few days she couldn’t stand to look at her incision. She would close her eyes when changing and only where shirts that did not allow for her to see it. Gradually as the redness and swelling went down she felt better about it and was ready to take a bath without freaking in 3 days. It looks great now and the glue is doing a fantastic job with no irritation to her skin.

On a fun note, Friday when Keith was home (he was able to have Thursday and Friday off) she was riding Champ bareback and came in to tell me her hair was blowing on her face and she loved it! She has not had hair in her face for over 2 years! She said it felt so good 🙂 Nothing could have made me happier at that moment.

Well, I have returned to school…ugh! Back to the grind! Better get crackin’ on that homework!!


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