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January 7, 2008

Surgery on Thursday

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 11:10 pm

We met with the nurse practioner today to go over Kennedy’s surgery on Thursday…basically we drove an hour, waited 50 minutes for about a 10 minute appointment. Ugh! They didn’t even do blood work, odd for us after the fact that every single appointment she has had at Emanuel for the last 2+ years has required a port access and blood work.

She basically let us know what is involved in a port removal (not much) and that Kennedy would be down in surgery approximately an hour then when she woke up they would be taking her to the Day Treatment Unit (DTU) for meeting with the oncologist and get her last dose of Pentamadine (antibiotic that she has had to have infused every month since her diagnosis). Woo Hoo!

Kennedy was feeling better about the idea but is still apprehensive (as I would expect her to be). The NP told her that Dr. Bliss would let her have her port if she wanted it…of course, Kennedy said yes! Silly kid! This is also the same kid that insisted on keeping her radiation mask and actually wants to paint it and make it in to something…like a lamp. I just don’t understand where she gets these ideas!

Wow…this is like the last step to a “cancer” free life. My last security blanket. Hmmm…

Please pray for no complications, no infections and freedom from anxiety for mom.


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