Courage for Kennedy – Journal

September 14, 2007

To Laughter

Category: Treatment – Melenie – 12:24 am

Like a ray of sunshine piercing storm clouds
She shines in the darkest days
Facing Hell’s demonic wrath
with the courage only a child can muster
Unaware, death is lurking
behind every curtain
every door

Her hair no longer crowning her head
Her eyes dance deep in their sunken caverns
Scarlet as a red bloom her cheeks burn
with an inner fire
Yet she laughs and her delightful
sound echos off sterile white walls
down halls reeking of hopelessness and despair
it revirberates from IV poles and
bags of Methotrexate and platelets

Her laughter, her giggle, her hope
midnight is lifted by the melody
Eyes turn, ears hear and hearts
seek her song
Her laugh pushes back death
pushes back sorrow
Pink, yellow, lavender color her world
unaware of black and crimson
she laughs

Laughs with heart
with her whole body
Pain can not rob her of it
Despair can not steal it
The blanket of hopelessness has
no power here

They fall, run, stumble and scurry
for their caves
Chased by chiming bells breaking
the silence
You can not help but smile
You can not help but persevere
You can not help but hope
Your heart desires to tag along with her
to chase the future
To follow her spirit as it is
lifted beyond the
pokes, the scars, the heartache, the cancer
She knows the way
Follow her

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