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August 13, 2007

More News From the Front…

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Let’s see…where did I leave you all hanging…oh, yeah…what we have been up to fun wise…what else have we done…we’re finishing up rodeo season. Oh, we attended the first 10 mintues or so of the Grand Floral Parade…that is actually a funny story now! We went early (as always) to hang out and visit with my auntie Sue and Ashley while we waited for it to start. We had a blast despite the pending showers and crummy weather (why is it always either rainy or smokin’ hot?) and enjoyed blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk and eatin’ but as usual the parade did not start on time and by the time it made it’s way to us…it was time to leave for Austin’s first bull ride with OJBRA in Lebanon. Ugh! We were able to watch it later on TV but were so bummed for missing Sammi and the Centennial High School band! 🙁 Hopefully next year!

Hmmm…I know we have done so many other things that were fun and eventful but my memory is elluding me at the moment 🙂 Oh, we had a wonderful campout with the Barber family at Ft. Stevens. Sure, it rained but we managed to stay dry and the kids had a great time exploring the scary old fort site. Seriously…you could make the best scary movie there and I can’t believe that no one has yet. Breanna even got me when we were walking around and behind us she very slowly opened an old creepy door and almost scared the pee out me literally! It was fun and we can’t wait to camp with them again. Their son has been one of Austin’s bestest friends since kindergarten and his sisters are right at Kennedy’s age and they all play so well together.

Let’s see…our dear friends the Schrepfer’s moved back from Missouri this past week or so and we just can’t wait to hang with them again. We missed them terribly and are so excited they’re home!!!

We have been homeschooling this year and I am amazed at how much we have all enjoyed it. Kennedy has just grown in leaps and bounds and is right on the cusp of being ready to read. With her learning challenges we have had LOTS of repetition but she has progressed steadly and surprised us all. She has just flown in math and loves writing in her many notebooks. We went through some curriculum changes with Austin but once we found what was going to work for him he just took off as well. He has loved geography and learning about different climates and cultures but especially lots about animals. Grammar continues to be a struggle and it is hard on me as communication is key as far as I am concerned. We have plenty to keep us busy through December and have decided that homeschooling year round is really better for all of us. We had the best time at the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Homeschool Day where the kids got to get up close and personal with animals, make crafts, structured labs where they learned more about the food chain and actually got to touch animals and we even watched a Blue Shark dissection. It was soooo cool! We’ve been to the zoo as well and are planning on purchasing a family pass this year as a family Christmas present. Hmmm…

We went to the Wiggles concert, 2 Beavers games, Blazers game and a modern ballet performance courtesy of Candlelighters and Children’s Cancer Association. We’ve just had fun, fun, fun all around.

I actually went to work this summer (I know…a paying job!) to help cover the continued expenses that Kennedy has and while it was (and is) a difficult adjustment for everyone it does help some. I am also planning on returning to school this fall to finish my BA before so much time passes that I just can’t go back.

Hmmm…medical updates to follow this one so watch this space!!!


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