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November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Keith!

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I know that this is Kennedy’s blog, but I can’t let this day pass without wishing my amazing husband a happy birthday. We recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary (October 26th) so the last few weeks have been a time of reflection.

In those early years when we struggled with Keith’s addiction issues, I kept moving forward because I knew in my heart that there was the most wonderful man behind all of the confusion and heartache and so I stayed and prayed. I took Peter’s words to heart and worked to win him with a gentle and quiet spirit. Was I always “gentle and quiet?” If you know me, you are laughing hysterically right now…no, but as with this battle, I knew that God had a plan for us. As he worked diligently to overcome his internal struggles, I just continued to pray and love him. I had much work to do myself as I was so unwilling to forgive him for all that we had walked through. There was work for both us to do to heal. And we did and we persevered. Now, looking back, I know that we had to ride out those storms and learn to fully trust and believe in each other to weather this hurricane. We had to be broken down and built back up in such a way that our foundation would not be shattered. Sure, there are small dings, things have been rattled and shaken but it is solid and still holds tight. In those first days after finding out about Kennedy, we made a committment that no matter what lay ahead for us, we would put our relationship first knowing that a strong marriage created a strong family. We would, together, walk this out always knowing that we could depend on one another for strength and security. And it was tough. Many, many nights we were apart. Many times each others needs had to be on the back burner but we kept communication open…never letting a day pass without seeing each other and telling each other how much we loved and missed one another. We knew that this would all be for a short time and our committment never waivered. We have continued to make each other the highest priority regardless of the war waging around us. There were times when he was the strong, decision maker and times when I carried us through. We used our strengths and compensated each other for our weaknesses and through it all we always love each other. Sure we fight and argue and don’t always see eye to eye but our love and committment never fail.

Why am I sharing so many intimate details about my relationship with Keith? Because today especially, I am so very thankful that he loves me so unconditionally. I am continually blessed by having him in my life and could never ask for a more wonderful husband. And now looking back, every single moment, every heartache, every long worried night was worth it and I would do it all again to have the man I’m married to today.

I love you, Keith and I wish you the happiest of birthdays.


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