Courage for Kennedy – Journal

May 22, 2005

Category: General – Melenie – 11:18 pm

Well, we came home last night under the condition that Kennedy would continue to take her meds and use the bathroom which she has done both. It is amazing to me how much her spirits are uplifted when we walk through the door. She has had no fevers and is back to eating everything in sight. Today is my birthday and I couldn’t have received a better gift than sleeping in my own bed! It is amazing the little things you appreciate after sleeping in a hospital for almost 2 weeks…your own shower, a soft bed, no IV monitors going off, no one interupting your sleep every two hours, homecooked food, etc.

Austin is beginning to understand that Kennedy’s illness has changed our family and that things will not be “normal” for a while. His sister tires easily and requires more attention so she is not the playmate he has known. We have set aside more time for individual attention but it is difficult. Today he went with his dad to see the new Star Wars movie and tomorrow I will take him to the mall to do some shopping for his sister (new hats). He helps out as much as he can and is now the “hand washing police” when visitors come over. He had a wonderful time Friday at a sleepover/birthday party for his friend Skyler and enjoyed being a normal kid.

I know that God has a plan for our family and for Kennedy but some days I am overwhelmed. I pray everyday that He gives me just what I need for that day-sometimes just for the moment. This is the first time ever that I have felt as if I have no control over what is happening or the outcome-a very hard lesson to learn. Please continue to pray for us and know that we love all of you and appreciate everything.


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