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October 3, 2006

Kennedy is a Mouse!!

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Yes, she has a part in this year’s production of the Nutcracker! Kennedy will dance the part of a mouse! Her audition went well, she was the youngest there, and while it was still difficult for her because of her problems with strength and coordination, she listened and followed directions and gave 100%! It was hard to watch her struggle with things such as skipping but the smile on her face gave no sign of worry 🙂 and that gave me encouragement. She worked hard and the next day was sore. She still has a lot of tightness in her tendons, ligaments and muscles so it was hard to walk but by Monday she was off and running again. She has her first costume fitting and program pictures next week and she is so excited! You will all have the opportunity to watch her scurry across the stage on Saturday, December 16th (shows at 1:30 and 7:30 pm) or Sunday, December 17th (2:30 pm) at the Canby Fine Arts Auditorium in Canby, Oregon. It is performed by the Clackamette Youth Ballet and is an incredible production. Please check the CYB website for more information regarding tickets. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Kennedy returns to the clinic tomorrow for her monthly IV Vincristine, counts check and Pentamadine. There is always a lot of anxiety for her regarding being accessed when it has been so long so please pray that it goes well. She also starts her 5 day steroid pulse-yippee for us! The last few times though she has done really well. We did have a bit of a scare last week. My friend, Jackie, brought our horse, Chaz, as well as her horse, Ladybug, for us to enjoy at our house and Kennedy was walking Ladybug and had her foot stepped on! She screamed and even cried for about 10 minutes (I would have cried much longer myself!) but then calmed down. Of course, her foot began to turn purple and swelled but it wasn’t long before she was walking fine on it. I called the clinic who sent us back to our regular pediatrician but suggested we have it x-rayed because no matter how good she felt it could be broke (she is more likely to break a bone because of the high doses of steroids she has been taking for so long) but thankfully it was just badly bruised. I was so relieved! Not just because a break would have been terrible for a 5 year old, but because it would have created more weakness and tightness in her muscles and she would have been devestated to be out of ballet and the Nutcracker. But, as with many things this past year or so, it all worked out just fine 🙂 It hasn’t even deterred her from wanting to ride as she could not wait to ride yesterday when we went over to care for Chaz. It sure looks nasty now though!

Saturday we went to Portland’s Saturday Market and had a blast. We were even able to get some amazing donations for the upcoming Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction from a variety of artists! They were just wonderful and so generous. For more information please see the link to the event. I want to personally take the time to thank those who have contributed to the event so far:
The Mouse Factory
Jim’s Woodworking
Cycle of Gold
Rileyville Soap
Gypsy Camp Creations
Spoonman Creations
Moppethill Farms
Stonewear by Fronks
Pterylae Designs
Candy Castle
Beard’s Framing
Les Schwab
Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa
Oregon Zoo
Vista Balloon Adventures
Portland Children’s Museum
Portland Rock Gym
Enchanted Forest
Sunriver Resort
and there are more, I just don’t have all the details yet but I will add those soon. If you have a product you would like to donate, or know someone who would, please contact me via e-mail at and I will be happy to discuss it with you. Remember the event is just over 2 weeks away and we are really getting excited! It is going to be such a blast!

Austin is doing well in soccer. They are a little frustrated because while they all give more than 100%, our team is so small that they do not get to rest and are really tuckered out by the second half of the game. Most teams we play have about 15 players and can swap out the entire team while we often have 1, or if we are lucky 2, subs to swap. Makes for a long game but they sure are getting good and learning to play as a team.

We have not finished the neuropsych testing yet. Three hours was just too much for Kennedy so we have to return in a few weeks. I am going to a conference next Friday to learn how to better educate her and get a deeper understanding of the possible challenges so I’m hoping to take come away with some good information. The kids are doing great homeschooling and are really enjoying it. It can be a lot for me some days but we are still working out the kinks. Overall, I think we are off to a good start.

On another note, we did qualify and get approval for the health hardship to put another house on our property so that my parents can continue to help us with Kennedy. We even found a house! The problem has been financing. Please pray for things to come through. Because of Kennedy’s mounting expenses, we are at our limit as far as our debt to income ratio and can’t get a loan for it as the property is in my parent’s name. They of course, have the loan for the property but adding even a small loan to buy the house and move it is proving difficult. Winter and cold weather is coming making this an urgent need and our house is just not big enough. We are leaving this in the Lord’s very capable hands but are concerned, as anyone would be, about how the pieces are going to come together. Any suggestions or prayer would be so appreciated!

Other than the above, we are staying busy. Mostly the kids keep us hopping and with Kennedy’s 6th birthday just over a week away and the holidays fast approaching we are very thankful for all of our blessings no matter how crazy they make us sometimes! I was thinking today about where we were just a year ago…finishing up IM1 and wishing there was an end to our every other week hospital stays. Wow! What a difference a year can make, huh?

Finally, please pray for Kaeli and her family. She was just recently (9/26) diagnosed with ALL and as many of you know, this is just excrutiating for her and her family. Tomorrow is Day 8 of induction for them when they find out if her leukemia is in remission so extra prayers tomorrow. My heart just hurts as I remember what that first week was like.



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