Courage for Kennedy – Journal

September 20, 2006

New Pictures!! And a change for the Spaghetti Feed :)

Category: Fundraisers,General – Melenie – 10:22 pm

Just a quick note to let everyone know that there are finally new pictures in her photo album. There is only 1 picture from her Make A Wish trip but I will be adding more now that I am working out the bugs. Also, there are pictures of Kennedy before she was diagnosed and finally, pictures from her stay in the PICU over Christmas. Finally, I am figuring out the picture thing! Hopefully this means we will rotate some through from the last year or so, so that everyone can see what our girl has been up to!

Now, about the Spaghetti Feed…it is still on but due to unforseen circumstances, we have extended the date to Saturday, October 21st. Only 2 weeks later but that way all the last minute details can get worked out. (I was going to say, “all the last minute bugs” but I didn’t want anyone to think that was what we were serving…hee hee!) So, mark your calendars and join us on the 21st!


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