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August 4, 2006

100 Things About the Duval Family

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A friend of mine did this really great list of 100 things about her on her blog and it was really interesting to learn so much. Now, lots of you know us but some don’t so I thought I would post 100 things about the Duval family 🙂 Hope it’s not too boring!

1. Kennedy was studying classical ballet at the time of her diagnosis.

2. Austin has played 4 years of soccer, 4 years of baseball, one season of wrestling and one season of rough stock rodeo.

3. Melenie is a Rhetoric/Media Studies major working on her Bachelor’s degree.

4. Keith went to school to operate heavy equipment after 5 years of working in a factory.

5. Keith and Melenie first met at a New Year’s eve party and while they didn’t say one word to each other…3 months later they were inseparable.

6. Austin licked his sister the 1st time he met her when she was born.

7. Kennedy started calling Austin “Bubba” when she could not say “Brother.”

8. Our nephew, Jay, lived with us for 6 years and still has a close relationship with Austin.

9. Keith played football, baseball, wrestled and was a power lifter as a teenager.

10. Kennedy’s favorite color has always been pink-even at a year old she would consistently pick anything pink whether it was a toy, clothes, blanket or food.

11. Kennedy’s favorite foods as a baby were salmon, peaches and avocados…now she won’t eat any of these.

12. We share a house/property with my parents and have lived with them off and on for over 6 years.

13. Both Austin and Kennedy were born via c-section and both were born with beautiful auburn hair.

14. Austin has asthma and was diagnosed at 1 year.

15. Keith was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

16. Melenie is still afraid of the dark.

17. Keith and Melenie were married in the Yakima County Courthouse on a Thursday and had to wait until court was over. Keith was sitting at the defense table when he signed the marriage license.

18. Melenie has Keith’s name tattooed on her left leg and had it done before they got married.

19. Austin wants to go to college as an English major.

20. Kennedy once told us that she didn’t need to go to college because she was going to grow up and be a princess.

21. Tigger stole Austin’s Mickey glove at Disneyland.

22. Austin’s favorite colors are blue and green.

23. Melenie hates having a cell phone.

24. Both Keith and Melenie did not finish high school but went on to get their GEDs and both went to college/trade school.

25. Keith loved meeting Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland.

26. Melenie has a half brother she has never met and a younger sister.

27. Keith has two sisters and a brother.

28. Both Keith and Melenie are oldest children.

29. Melenie is scared of birds and terrified of them flying at her or landing on her…she has NEVER seen the movie The Birds.

30. Keith claims that he isn’t scared of anything.

31. Austin has wanted to homeschool since kindergarten.

32. Kennedy has never been afraid of animals and she absolutely loves dogs and horses.

33. Melenie is terrible about checking her messages and returning phone calls.

34. Keith once gave a kid a “swirlee” and his mother had to come pick him up from school.

35. Austin’s birthday is so close to Christmas that he thought it was all the same thing until he was 3 years old and we started having his party earlier in the month and away from home.

36. Kennedy was due two days before Keith and Melenie’s wedding anniversary.

37. Melenie’s first concert was Whitney Houston.

38. Keith was a plumber and most of the men in his family are plumber/pipefitters.

39. Austin has no desire to be a plumber but he would like to be a writer, heavy equipment operator/truck driver and/or a professional rodeo cowboy.

40. Kennedy still wants to be a princess.

41. Austin has always been shy and does not like strangers.

42. Kennedy celebrated her 5th birthday inpatient at the hospital getting chemo.

43. Melenie loved watching the Dukes of Hazzard when she was a kid…ok, and she still does.

44. Both Keith and Austin love watching Walker, Texas Ranger.

45. Melenie had her 1st kiss when she was 14.

46. Kennedy better not have her 1st kiss until she is at least 21!

47. Austin is very protective of his sister and does not want her to date until she is in her 20s. His friends will never have a chance.

48. Austin kicks his mom’s hiney at video games and now she won’t play with him anymore.

49. Keith has always beat Melenie at video games with the exception of Tetris-she rocks!

50. Keith has a 1978 International Scout he got from his dad and is hoping to begin restoring it soon.

51. He also has a motorcycle from his pre-kid days that looks more like a lawn ornament/flower pot.

52. Austin’s favorite video game is Tiger Woods Golf.

53. Kennedy’s is anything her brother does not want to play.

54. Kennedy has a cousin, Emily, who is only 4 months younger and they are more like sisters.

55. Melenie has always lived in the northwest.

56. Keith thought he would live in Yakima his whole life but then he met Melenie.

57. Austin is a great photographer.

58. Kennedy loves to sing and dance.

59. Both Austin and Kennedy are very creative and love to make art projects.

60. Austin hated wrestling.

61. Austin can play the piano but does not like to have an audience.

62. Melenie does not like to cook. In fact, Keith is a much better cook and makes a spaghetti sauce that it to die for.

63. Melenie does make the most wonderful pie crust if you can get her to bake.

64. Keith once got 5 tickets in the same night all on his way home.

65. Kennedy taught herself to write all of the letters in the alphabet.

66. Austin has had finger and head lacerations glued closed and has had stitches and staples in his head.

67. He had 5 stitches just below his eye after being hit during a baseball game. He refused the shot of Novicane and went with just a topical cream to numb it.

68. He had nothing for the 2 staples in his head.

69. Melenie is the cause for the cut on his head that required staples.

70. Keith has had stitches in his head and his hand but has never had a cast.

71. Keith was pushed off the top of a slide and landed on his head as a young child.

72. Melenie has broken her collar bone and her hand and both times the injuries were caused by boys.

73. Kennedy’s favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty but she likes all of them.

74. Austin’s favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean.

75. Austin’s favorite superhero has always been Spiderman and when he was younger he was diligently working to get bit by a radioacitve spider.

76. Austin loves dragons.

77. Kennedy has over 30 Barbies.

78. Both Austin and Kennedy love Starbucks.

79. Keith does not like chicken (ok, he likes it southern fried) or vegetables.

80. Both Keith and Melenie hate meatloaf and put ketchup on their tacos.

81. Melenie scrapbooks and has taken up painting.

82. Melenie had never tried Chinese food until she was in her 20’s and now she loves eating ethnic food.

83. Keith is a good ol’ country boy redneck.

84. Keith has never been hunting.

85. Melenie grew up in a hunting family.

86. Austin has no desire to hunt but loves fishing.

87. Kennedy has a very favorite baby named “Squishy baby.”

88. Melenie worked as a portrait photographer before she had Austin and Kennedy.

89. Keith loves to watch ESPN…his favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Heat.

90. Keith’s favorite color is black but Melenie does not think that is even a color.

91. Keith is younger than Melenie.

92. Austin is very loyal and guarded. We joke that he has the “Austin Circle of Trust.”

93. Austin was nicknamed “The Enforcer” last year by his soccer team.

94. Kennedy knew over 150 signs by the time she was 18 months old.

95. Kennedy loves going to school with her mom and can sit through 3 hour lectures.

96. Austin hit the 1st homerun of the season this year in baseball.

97. None of the Duval family wears a watch.

98. Keith would love to go in to demolition work.

99. Melenie has always wanted to write a book.

100. It took Melenie just over an hour to make the whole list!

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  1. Becky says:

    At last! I finally fixed my password so I can post comments again!

    Those were interesting! Some were VERY interesting. I’ll have to ask for more details. You know that, right? LOL

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