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July 13, 2006

What a Blast!

Category: Fundraisers,Gratitude – Melenie – 11:21 pm

We had such an amazing time tonight at the Charlie Brown musical sponsored by Prayer For The Children. There is truly some amazing talent in that show! The music and singing were exceptional and every one of us loved it. They are characters we all grew up with and loved and the songs are fantastic. Snoopy was great and was just full of boundless energy. I do hope everyone gets a chance to catch the show this weekend before the cast returns to school. If you don’t, you will really be missing something!

Kennedy was able to come early and meet the cast and while she was excited all day, she was very shy when we arrived. They had this really huge chair for a prop that we hoped she would sit in but she had no interest before the show. Only about the time the show was about to start, then she wanted on stage! Isn’t that just like her? She eagerly went up during intermission to draw for the raffle and didn’t even mind that there was an audience 🙂 She loved the show and even began dancing when Snoopy was singing about his “Suppertime.” After the show, the cast met her again on stage and she was a lot more friendly. She gave Andrew a “Courage 4 Kennedy” t-shirt and handed out bracelets to the cast. They loved them and she took a lot of care in choosing just the right color for each person. They also signed a copy of the program for her and we joined them for cake at the “Opening Night” celebration downstairs. Several people came up to meet us and wish her well as she continues her battle. She left a very tired but very happy little girl.

The show was wonderful and children of all ages would find it very entertaining. I do hope you all get a chance to see this amusing production!


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