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May 20, 2005

Category: Gratitude – Melenie – 1:36 pm

I realized when I came back and read what I wrote that my spelling was horrendous-sorry! Also, while we were at Dr. Skau’s office, it was Dr. Stanton who had sent us to Emanuel.

Ok, the real reason I decided to come back and post another journal…I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful thoughts and prayers for us during this time. While I may not always have a chance to respond to e-mails, I do read them and pass on your love to Kennedy (Nacho and family, Rebecca, Prof. Clark, Prof. Covarrubias, Willard & Kathy, Scott, my aunties I love!, Marleen, Becky, Amy, Christy etc.) Your e-mails and messages on this site help meet my need for support and connection as we walk through this very difficult time. A quick note to the wonderful staff at East Portland Pediatric: you guys are the best! Dr. Stanton, Dr. Sequira and Dr. Skau have all been very supportive and have taken the time to visit with us and Dr. Skau especially who has spent time with us, called us and eased many of my fears during these past 11 days. To all the wonderful nurses and staff…Kennedy loved the masks you got. She was so excited to finally have “cute” masks that actually fit. Her grammie is making her some and between the two she will be set.

Everyone has been so wonderful to us…I can’t thank you enough.

The Duval Family

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