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February 9, 2006

Children’s Cancer Association

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For all of those families living in the Portland Metro area, please tune your radios to 105.1 The Buzz for their 28 hour marathon to raise money for an incredible organization, the Children’s Cancer Association, which does SO MUCH for local families with children fighting cancer. They provide the chemo pal program, the music therapy program, the Caring Cabin at the Oregon coast, Cancer Pages, the family resource room at the hospital and so much more. They have been essential to our survival these past 9 months. Kennedy has a wonderful chemo pal, Amy Guthrie, she loves karaoke, we have used vital resources in the Cancer Pages and we are looking forward to using the Caring Cabin soon. They are auctioning off incredible prizes until 10am tomorrow and many people are calling in to share their stories. It was very emotional for us but we just couldn’t seem to tear ourselves away from the radio. The CCA was started by the Ellis family who lost their daughter Alexandra to cancer. Rather than be swallowed up by their loss, they have given back so much to all of the families facing the same journey.

For those outside the Portland, OR area, you can listen to the show at the above address.

Thank you everyone for everything…update about Kennedy to follow tomorrow after her LP and chemo.


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  1. Tamra Mattox says:

    Dear Melanie,

    I’m glad that things are okay for now. If you can call the cancer treatment routine “okay”.
    I’m praying that Kennedy’s leg pain will be better soon; also for her to feel happy, so you can get an emotional break.
    I remember you said that your hands were dry and cracking a few entries ago. My sister’s boyfriend is a doctor, washes his hands constantly. He puts vaseline on his hands every morning before work, and his hands are much better now. Hope that helps…


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